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Netifi Web Console

The Netifi Web Console is a web-based interface with which you can manage and monitor your active brokers.

Getting Started

To start the web console, you must have initialized the broker with the following Netifi broker property:

If you followed the instructions in the Netifi Broker Getting Started page, then you initialized your broker with that property set correctly for the purposes of this page.

When your broker is running (with this flag set), you can access the console at http://consoleBindAddress:consoleBindPort/ (in our examples, this would be http://localhost:9000/, but you can change the address and/or the port when you start your broker by setting broker configuration properties).

Console Menu

The web console starts with the Brokers tab open. You can use the menu on the left side of the page to choose other tab views by clicking on the icon or name associated with each tab. These tabs are explained in greater detail below:

Brokers icon Brokers
Groups icon Groups
Access Keys icon Access Keys
Monitoring icon Monitoring


Brokers icon The Brokers tab provides a drill-down view of each broker in your set of Netifi clusters:

Brokers Tab

Click on a broker NAME in the list to see a page where you can view details about the broker and a list of destinations the broker manages, organized by group:

Broker Details


Groups icon In the Groups tab you can find a list of the groups of destinations on the network:

Groups Tab

Click on a group NAME in the list to see a page where you can view details about the group:

Group Details

Access Keys

Access Keys icon You can create, view, and modify access keys for RSocket connections in this tab:

Access Keys Tab

Click the Create Access Key button to load a modal in which you can name a new key:

Create Key Modal

The modal provides a newly-generated key and a token, which you should copy immediately for use. You cannot re-access new tokens for keys through the console, so you should copy these and keep them safe for future use:

Created Key

You can inspect an available access key by clicking on its NAME in the Access Keys tab. This brings up a details view from which you can activate and deactivate stored keys, copy the key (but not token) value, and delete the key from those accepted by Netifi broker.

Key Details


Monitoring icon The Monitoring tab provides a real-time visualization of RSocket streams on your network. It displays destinations as interconnected nodes, and shows network traffic success/fail rates as white and red dots flowing along the connections:

Monitoring Tab